Why TopDownCharacter doesn't move through doors?

Hi, as in a question. I’m doing my first Top Down Character project and I don’t know how to make my character go through the doors I made in blueprint. The door BP is ok, because it works well in other projects and the character doesn’t want to go through the door frame itself too. I know it can be really easy but I was looking for it on google and here and I didn’t find any answer.

I have the same issue, driving me nuts! I can see the collider does move out of the way but I still can’t get the character through. The player pill doesn’t even come close to the door collider so this is very confusing that there is a mysterious collision.

Idk what assets you use for the door, but when I first made a door and a door frame it a 3D editor and exported in into UE, it turned out that the default collision is always a box, regardless the empty areas. So I generated new collision for the door frame, and it started working as intended.

You can add a Hit Event in your Character BP to see what exactly doesn’t let it through.