Why to solve this error?

I got this error while opening the project as well as packaging the project. i got some hint by reading the error that problem would be in MyUserWidget.c file. as I was not using it in the project and it was just for testing i deleted that file as well as its header file but the error persist .Then after doing other try and hit methods i found that i have to remove the constructorhelpers::Fclassfinder line then the error was gone but i am still wondering why deleting the file didn’t solved the problem.I problem is solved but i still want reasoning.

But why even after deleting that file that has this code . this error also occurred while packaing game for Windows


This is a warning when you use ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder with a path that does not exist.

~ Dennis “MazyModz” Andersson

That is strange, the error should not be there if the code is not used. Have you compiled the source code after it was deleted?

Yes i have compiled but leave it.thanks for reply