Why this life is bole

İ dont understand this life

Talk to someone, a real life person on a phone to lifeline if needed, don’t look for validation on a gaming forum
there is no solace on the internet, its just a bridge and figuratively trolls live under bridges,
just talk and ask for help it applies to anything not just depression, life in general Google can only do so much.

This life is a brief opportunity for the sentient infinite multidimensional universe to explore its 3D reality. We are all extensions of the sentient infinite multidimensional universe. We have a time limit, called life. Your purpose in this life, is to experience as much as can, while you can. DO NOT WASTE IT.

Ask Joe about life : PowerfulJRE - YouTube

Join an incel forum

I think this is a bot post? Regardless if you’re real or not just look into the law of attraction I guess. Some people swear by it and some think it’s BS.

Agree with ya there Mr Techlord! :slight_smile: Well said!

1 - wake up!
2 - work!
3 - sleep!
4 - goto 1

Yeah, it sucks.

I have this same. If someone playing too much he is bored because this person doesn’t have restrictions and is accustomed. That’s how it work.

You’re not supposed to use “goto”;
​​​​​​​that’s bad life programming.

yeah… this is actually ment to be our playground (earth)… but mankind has kinda messed it up

Sorry, my bad:

while Alive:

it’s all Unreal