Why there is so much spam on Answerhub?

Why there is so much “questions” like “[…] 成绩单{雅思.托福}UCF使馆认证University of Central Florida” on this site? I cannot read this but I am pretty sure they are not related to UE 4. Is there any spam protection system enabled? How can we help to get rid of this?

Epic knows about issue, there is auto moderation system but it’s not perfect as you can see. If you notice lot of spam inform any moderator to clean up, via PM or Discord ()

We are working towards a better solution, but it involves a 3rd party vendor and may take a few more months to roll out.

Why not just moderate the first 1 or 2 posts of each user? Less work than constantly checking for spam and no fancy third party solutions with false positives required :wink: