Why there is no "Enable Movement" node available????

Hello …like Enable input and Disable Input …there is only Disable movement node is available but why there is no “Enable Movement” node available ??? WHY??? it will be really good if we get that node. I know there is another way to handle this type of movement case but it will be really good to have Enable Movement node.

I suppose it would make logical sense if you had disable, then there would be an enable. However, For some games there are different movement states so it might be ambigous to only have “Enable Movement”.

Good news is, you can still “enable” movement by setting movement mode/state

Yeah, in some cases what you mean by Movement could be different and might not apply

Exactly like KRushin says, there isn’t just ‘enable’ because you need to say which mode to go to.

Also you can make your own function to enable movement by saving last movement state to a variable before disabling it.