Why the vegetation looks better in cryengine?

Hey folks,

I’ve had that small discussion with my friend that is kinda based on taste as well, but we both agree that the vegetation in CryEngine looks better than Unreal Engine 4, and because we’re newbies we’re not sure why is that?

Any thoughts about the matter?

Good artists. UE4 doesn’t really include much assets for that, but using something like Speedtree will give good results.

Also, as far as Cryengine goes, if you’re doing something like Crysis, it works pretty well, since it’s designed entirely around that game, but other types of games not so much.

Visually, it’s all artists. Technically, Crytek’s vegetation is a special type of entity using vertex weights to decide how the mesh can deform in collisions and other things like wind.

That’s because CE3 has better vegetation rendering. (same goes for water)

Ryse: Son of Rome is a completely different to Crysis.

And are you getting any of those assets in the editor? probably not

Why would you want assets from Ryse in the editor?

Really efficient SSS rendering.

A number of people want game editors to come with a lot of assets for them to use

To use for what? CE provides you with enough assets to play around. (link)
Aren’t you supposed to make your own assets anyway?

Because out of the box, Cryengine is a First Person shooter, trying to make a game not in category (3rd person can be accomplished, but takes forever), but good luck if you want to make a game that isn’t one of those 2 types, everything else is a huge headache to get working. There is no content for creating any other type of game (including 3rd person) built into the engine, to make any other kind of game is a nightmare, including needing to re-code parts of the engine the engine (but CE doesn’t give you full code access), etc, etc…

I don’t feel like discussing about those issues, the thread is about vegetation.

Well, you asked a question, and did not seem to understand what darthviper was trying to tell you, so I elaborated on what he said so you can understand it better. That is all.

darthviper said foliage doesn’t work well with non-crysis games and I proved him wrong, then he went on saying that he can’t get the assets of Ryse…

Do you understand it now?

Original quote from dathviper’s first reply:

Now do you understand why I brought up the part about “making any other type of game”?

You seem to have missed the point he was trying to make in the quote above. If you are a new team starting out with CE you are extremely limited in the types of games you can make without making changes to the source code. There is no third person template. He was not talking about Crytek making a game with their own engine, he meant you or me using the engine are going to run into stumbling blocks.

He then mentioned not being able to use assets from ryse are not usable in engine.

That’s all fine. Although a 3rd person template based off those assets is something they could really use.

We are not talking about whether it is possible or not to make another kind of game, we are saying for people like us who aren’t in a studio, but was to create a game using the engine. So you did not “prove him wrong”, you misunderstood what he was saying to another forum user (that is why he wrote “If you are doing something like…”.

But that’s it, I’m out, I also don’t want to discuss here, and argument is a waste of my time.

thread is about vegetation. Read it again.

I’m out of thread, it seems like you have something against CE.

Shaders / lighting / artwork / post and good level design.

It’s not just down to the artwork, heard it said too many times and if that was the case companies like CryTek wouldn’t dump millions into R&D / Geomerics would be out of business and we’d all be using ID tech 1. UE4 doesn’t have the outdoor rendering / performance prowess of CE and I’ve not seen anything to change my mind on it. Doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things, anyone who has used CE knows why it’s not a great option for commercial titles.

Also UE4 is constantly evolving and it’s not like you can’t make a good looking outdoor scene in UE4.

It’s perfectly understandable phenomena to protect the software you’ve decided it will be your path in your workflow. I believe most of the people here have put their faith in Unreal Engine, and we want it to become the best. Because we’ll be more adapted in a tool that have been dominating the market and the field overall.

I’m just getting my feet wet yet, but have spend some good 100+ hours in materials, blueprints, textures, etc… so I’ve started asking myself, if the things you’ve folks mentioned, shaders, rendering, lightning can be compensated with skills in Unreal Engine 4? The Engine is progressing aggressively, and I love to see all the upcoming updates/patches, but how do you think? They’ll focus on these issues? I really would love to see Unreal Engine becoming godlike. I adore the workflow and the way how everything is positioned, designed, it’s true joy to work with it.

I never said that. I said UE4 doesn’t have much examples. Cryengine does because it’s based around the game Crysis, which is on a tropical island and therefore the vegetation is very important. Most of its features are built around serving that purpose. Not just for FPS games, but for exterior realistic style games with lots of vegetation (which Ryse also has).

Well said. CE is has also been used for a number of massive outdoor games for years now. They’ve concentrated their efforts on that area and it shows. You could recreate an outdoor scene in UE with assets from FarCry 3 and you could see the differences.

And like you said, it’s still possible to make great looking environments in UE. Plus it changes every month- in a years time we will see the gap narrow.