Why the redundant extra popup box in plugins selection?

Adding beta plugins
1 . it says beta plugin right next to the name Why do you have to pop up a box saying its a beta plugin that you cant even hit enter cuz for some reason that doesnt work. you have to actually drag your cursor over and click . Its so redundant . i just had to do that like 60 times - every time I make a new project . I see the beta word in orange I dont need the box to pop up or at least make it so i can just hit the enter button - but that never works across your whole software for some reason ??? Why - you have to manually select the button with your cursor . I have 4 other computers I have to go do the same exact thing to - why cant i export my settings so i can copy to other computers and reimport everything in a new project - prefernces/project settings and plugins - I should be a 5 second thing but instead its like a half hour to any hour or more process each time and thats even if i can remember everything right . In pref and proj settings you can export sections but not the whole thing again Why ?? this seems crazy to do it that way esp for people that are new to Unreal - its faster to just go thru it then to export each section and reload those