Why the new version of the Quixel Bridge source files doesn't contain the full rig file?

Hi everyone,

I’m using the app Quixel Bridge to download the Metahuman and export it to Maya but, I realize that when I get the source files, it doesn’t come with the full-rig maya file, in the previous metahumans we have two maya files:

but now in the new version for ue5 I find just one file

The problem is that the “m_tal_urw_body_rig.ma” files do not contain the rigging or blendshapes, just a basic head with skeleton, so it means that I can’t add my blendshapes or make any specific adjustments that I need on the mesh.

I did a lot of tries, reinstalled the app, and tried old Metahuman versions and I just get the same file without the blend shapes, how can I get the full source files?

Hi all
After some investigation, looks that the “Full Rig” file is created during the importing process, so I realized that the problem was the maya version, the plugin was installed for Maya 2020 and I was trying to export the mesh to Maya 2023.

Hope that it helps.

Will using Maya 2023 version fix it?