Why the hell does this not work right

Okay so on my endeavor back into UE4 i decided to make a maze generator to mess around with, i thought this would be a simple task but i was way way wrong. I followed this tutorial http://voxagon.blogspot.com/2015/02/ue4-tutorial-random-maze-generator.html to make it. I have tripple checked every macro and function, every inch to see if i missed something and as far as i can tell i have not. The issue i have is the maze does not fill in to the walls no matter what i do. Anyone know whats wrong? There are a lot of macros and functions so its hard to tell whats going wrong.

Without being able to see any of the blueprints you put down we can’t really help you. I suggest you comb over your blueprints for any part that could possibly relate to the size of it and making sure it matches the tutorial or that the proper values are entered. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, it’s a sign that you didn’t fully understand what you did in the tutorial, and you need to review it and figure out what you missed

To me looks like it never uses one of direction.
May be problem with one place using indexes from 0 to 3 and another from 1 to 4. Or you are using last index or array length wrong in sope place.
Or that you coded directions like: [0,1] [0,-1] [1.0] [1,0] ie replicated one of them so effectively you have 3 directions instead of 4 to expand.

I am out of tea so no more reading tea leaves at least until 17

There are so many functions and macros to check, thats the issue.

I thought the same thing, i have been messing with the values for the direction in the arrays, have gotten close to getting it right but not perfect yet. hopefully thats the issue

Check really closely your stuff on pages 13-15. Make sure you re-read it well.

So i have checked this about 4 times now to make sure i have everything exactly the way it is in the tutorial and its still no different. No idea why it does not work and have fiddled with everything to try and get it to work

Try built in visual debugger.

Ok, I rebuilt this project yet again for the third time over the weekend and have it finally resulting in an actual maze being built. I was playing around with it yesterday, throwing in some simple AI runners and learning all about dynamic nav meshes… that was fun.

I believe the part you went awry is on page 9-11. There is also something missing from the tutorial in which you need to make sure the CurrentFreeSide is defaulted to True, at least I missed that part. Make sure your Reverse For Loop macro is up to par. Not everything is a copy/paste situation in regards to CheckNorth/South and CheckEast/West.

For some reason, that particular tutorial is very tricky for me to follow. Like I’ve mentioned previously, I have built that tutorial 3 times now over the past couple of years and finally have something resulting in a maze. Make sure you examine well where the lines are joining, they also explain where they connect to. There is one on page 11 that caused me an issue until I paid attention to what I was reading.