Why the graph is no editable?


I’m a newbye in Unreal and I was trying to create my first menu. This is a super-easy and basic question.

Following some tutorials inside the docs ([link text][1]) I always get the same: I can’t add nodes and anything inside the graphs of the First Person Controller.

Why is this?. How can I change the editable attribute to this?.

Thank you in advance.

Either your game is still running in the background or maybe you have to start UE4 as administrator.

I don’t understand why can’t I unfold the menus and I click and press the spacebar and SOME menu unfolds (but other not).

Schintbrot, I have executed the application as administrator and I’m not running any execution or debugging anything.

Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue when deploying 4.20 and I fixed it by clickig the button "Edit the initial values of your class



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