Why the discrepancy between the sequencer and the exported video?

i have a windmill asset which is being rotated using key frames in the rotation (roll) part of the transform tab. In my sequencer timeline the key frames and windmill rotation looks fine. However when I export it the rotation breaks and the windmills dont move or jiggle back and forth. Havent run into any issue like this yet and im learning as I go. any ideas?

I have redone the key framing, made the key frames tighter nothing works so far. I use keyframes for all my other movements in the sequencer, all fine except the windmill rotations.

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see if there’s a blueprint fighting it? or check the curves on the keyframes for any strange interpolation?

Open the blueprints of the windmill and delete anything which may control rotation. Failing that you could try dragging the windmill building into the scene as a separate mesh to the ‘sails’. Then animate the sails as unique static meshes in level sequencer.