Why the character derived from the same parent class as BP_ThirdPerson_Character cannot play the animation normally?

When I create a character bp derived from the same parent class as official default BP_ThirdPerson_Character with same settings, I place the character in level and move it, but it cannot play the walking/running animation, I cannot figure out the diff between them, could you tell me the points?

Thanks a lot!

It could be a couple of things, but first I want to know if the skeleton is identical. Does both sk mesh apply the same only one skeleton asset?

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I used same skeleton and animation.

Alright, we might need more information here. It could be anything. Mind sharing with us some screenshots of what you have currently?

Also, double-check if the animations are playable for the inherited character skeletal mesh. On another side note, there might be some specific functionality that are not inheritable from the parent class.