Why texture streaming stops to work

Sometimes texture streaming just stops to wark. Streaming stats show that there are over 500 pending textures. But none of them got loaded in to the engine producing constant blurred objects.

I switched off streaming for some textures for now.

Hey Yata,

One thing you could try is to increase the Texture Streaming Pool size to 2000 MB instead of 1000 MB (default value), using the console command ‘r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000’.

The best thing you can do in this situation, is to profile your machine (CPU/GPU) and find where it is limited the most. Then moving from there troubleshoot your textures to fit your profile. We have a good bit of documentation on both of these processes which you can find below.

Texture Streaming

CPU/GPU Profiling

Let me know if you still have questions.


It looked like it have 100mb out of 1000 mb used for loaded textures, and than nothing. Textures was not loaded anymore. The same scene the other run had all textures streamed. Tried to make a gif animation but failed to save it.

I’ll dig into the profiling. Think it is not of textures themselves, but because of lightmaps. I have pretty much lightning on a scene and all the level geomery are mostly containers of five different textures - with speculars, normalmaps, roughness and metal. But at all there are about 500 containers of five different types. So the lightmaps are relly the most part of textures used I think. It takes about 40mins to generate them.