Why strictly need Android Studio 3.5.3 and not the latest?

Hi, just curious, is there any reason on why we strictly need to use Android Studio 3.5.3 instead of the latest Android Studio (4+) for UE 4.25+? I traversed around the tools and the guide, I don’t seem to see any incompatibilities, even the NDK seems to be quite the latest, so I feel like missing something. Let’s just assume I also need to have the latest Android Studio for Android development on its own, how do I solve this?

I was just setting up some projects to learn with, and had the same question. Why are we using this old version, and is it “ok” to use the newest or a much newer version?

I believe it’s because the older version is more stable with UE4, I’ve currently been asking the same question, but that’s the only solution I’ve been able to come up with. As for everything else, I’ve managed to make the newer version work for me, but it doesn’t seem like the API’s are working properly.