Why still cannot pay for UE4 license in China???

When we can pay for this in China???

we are the forgotten ones

Well may Epic didn’t finish translation work for Chinese :confused:

可能是多国语言的问题,可以看到除了中国,还有 香港,台湾,澳门,新加坡,泰国,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,亚洲这一片都不能进行购买

Hey guys, I was exploring your boards (I’m brazilian) and the problem is on Asia at all. To get involved, take a look here.

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately we cannot support China on our launch day at GDC due to our prior legal contractual arrangement.

Our team is working very hard to resolve this. Unfortunately we cannot provide an ETA. :frowning:
We will announce it as soon as we know something.

I apologize for the inconvenience this have caused you.
And thank you for your interest with our engine and toolsets.


I don’t know,But I have launch when subscribed to in the first day, with the credit card in the United States.I was in Beijing

I don’t know why it always unprovoked collapse, look forward to give a solution


很快就出了吧,希望epic官方能够 重视 中国市场

I live in China and already paid for it !