Why sometimes compile button hides from editor?

Hi there, some times the compile button at right of build button dissapears, Im not sure what causes it or how to solve it…

I imagine that some type of errors cause it to dissapear… and dont know if a passed build is what make it come back…


I’ve seen this too… the editor gets ‘decoupled’ from the code and no longer hot reloads on compiling in visual studio. Since I never hear the little chime when I’m in visual studio signaling the hot reload, I only notice after a couple minutes of wondering why my changes don’t seem to be working after switching back to the editor… and then I notice the missing compile button and realize it got decoupled. Restarting the editor is the only thing that seems to make it come back from what I’ve seen.

well, I need to close even the launcher some times?? or all times? xD

Happens to me too occasionally … :frowning:

It also happens to me when getting errors. The only solution I find when this happens is to reload the project.

Happens to me too, Solution seems to be to reload editor and Visual studio.
Its rear but when it happens it can be annoying.