Why so many build options?

Hi guys,

I recently wanted to switch project build from Development Editor to debug, as I wanted to track some stuff. When I opened the builds menu, I saw several dozens of build options, such as:
Debug Client
DebugGame Client
Development Editor

And so on, even WinRT builds were there. I am totally ok with that, except for the fact that I have no idea which build to choose. As example, I just tried to build Debug Editor, and what happened is that after building it did not start the game, saying this thing:

Which conf should I choose to have the cooked content for debug? Is it just Debug? Or, maybe, Debug_Editor?

Hi Lordink,

As you noticed, we do have a lot of build configurations available, and all serve a purpose.

To run the editor on windows, you can select either of these combinations

Debug Editor | Win64

Development Editor | Win64

You will also need to run this editor build if you wish to cook the data you need to run other configurations.

If you run either of the configs above with the commandline:

MyGameName -run=cook -targetplatform=windowsnoeditor -map=MyMap

This will cook ‘MyMap’ for use in other configurations. After you’ve cooked, run any of the following combinations:

Debug*(Game)* | Win32

Development | Win32

Shipping | Win32

With the commandline:


This will have you running a cooked version of your game, which you can deploy, and/or debug from visual studio/

Hope this helps.