Why sequencer keeps interferring with my actors?

Hi, when i am on a certain time frame in the sequencer, it will play what the actors is doing in the sequencer when I begin the level. It only reverts back to normal when I scrub the timeline before 0 frame.

Is it a bug? Using unreal 4.22

the sequencer generally can possess an object and then control it with the timeline
when you’re outside of the track it would make sense that the object goes back to where it was before it was possessed

How do I prevent the sequencer from possessing the object when it is not active?

you can remove the object out of sequecner, and it won’t touch that object,
the object will stay wherever it is in the level

Ah… it is a weird solution? I need that object to be in the sequencer because of a cutscene but the sequencer keeps interfering with the object during play time.

So there’s really no solution to this one except to always make sure that i scrub my sequencer timeline back to 0.

I’ve only used unreal for cinematics, so if it’s a runtime game issue I have no experience with that

Do you want to make the actor spawnable so it only is generated when the cinematic runs and the disappears? Leave your main game actor independent.