Why Remove Sequence Recorder?

Just curious as to why you will be removing the Sequence Recorder from the engine. Aside from the fact that Take Recorder is being hailed for motion capture, Sequence Recorder is still great for iClone users that want to record their animations and save them for later use. Just seems that if it’s still working fine, then why remove it.

We’re removing Sequence Recorder because Take Recorder can record all that Sequence Recorder records and more. It’s true, the workflows were streamlined for virtual production. For example, it always creates a new level sequence and records into that. For other non virtual production use cases this doesn’t make as much sense, so we are looking to add the ability to record into an existing level sequence. Are there other workflows or features that you find in Sequence Recorder that aren’t in Take Recorder?

Also, maintaining two systems that essentially do the same thing under the hood is a burden so we’d really like to focus all of our efforts on just one.

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That makes sense. I was just curios as to why the change. It would be nice to be able to save the takes like we do with the SR. Having a new level sequence for animations I pull over from iClone could get a bit confusing on my end, but as you said, having two recorders is rather redundant. Thanks for the reply.