Why progress bar binding doesn't set percent?

Hello, my progress bars binding updates the bar visually but not the actual percentage value. So when I take damage, the bar depletes but the percentage value stays at 1,0. The binding is simple, just characters current health and max health into normalize to range into the return node. Anyone know what’s wrong?

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Hmm, you’re right, it doesn’t update the actual Percent value for some reason, just visual.
I’d suggest to set the progress bar value based on health removal/addition events, not with a binding. Even though the binding seems easier to use (provided it works correctly, which is not the case), it runs on tick, and for a lot of time it will make useless calculations on tick for no reason. You do have your health addition/removal function, let it update the progress bar value instead of a binding.

P.S. I checked it in 4.27, so it’s not a 5.0 issue.

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I wonder if this is a bug or intended behavior.

Anyway, I ended up doing it with events since I needed the percentage value to be correct. A bit of an extra hassle but at least it works now. Thanks for the answer!

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By design. It’s a feature

Rude :wink: but fair enough.