Why PawnSensing component cant hear if in sight?


I am trying to use “Make Noise” with PawnNoiseEmitter. However, for some reason my enemy pawn can only hear me if I am not in his sight. Is it intentional functionality?

In my case, with standard settings PawnNoiseEmitter enemy hears me even when I was behind him. Maybe you should show screenshots of your blueprints.


That is exactly the problem: your enemy hears you when you are behind him! What happens if you are in front of him (in his line of sight)?

I guess that answers my question. Based on this note, if pawn can see you, it will not notify of sounds. I find it quite stupid, that it cannot send both notifications.

The only workaround for it is to add two PawnSensing components: one that can hear, but cant see and the other way around