why packaging project for windows is so slow ?

i am trying to package a project (my horror mini-game in first person mode)…when i package a project for windows 32 or 64 bits its showing packaging project windows but it takes very time (sorry for my english)…plzz help me …

How long is it taking? It’s not a fast process.

1 day and it continue

Have you got any news?

What are your PC specs? How big is your project’s “Content” folder?

A Project with 50 GB’s and an Core I7 takes 20 Minutes… So 1 Day is very much … but. … … We need your specs

I don’t know about his specs but my project is 14 GB on a Intel i7 cpu with 8 GB of RAM and so far it’s taken about an hour and the Output log is printing things like Module.Engine.27_of_38.cpp
which it never did before I migrated to 4.20.3 from 4.17.2

I wonder if it’s just because I built from Github source? That process took 3 days. Maybe it’s because my internet is slow lately?

The first build is typically much slower than subsequent builds. There’s even an option in the build settings to run each subsequent build as a first build. Anyways, I don’t think a multi-day build time is out of the ordinary for large projects. But maybe there’s some build issues happening with complex materials?