Why OnTakeAnyDamage delegate does not pass FDamageEvent as a parameter?


First of all, sorry for my bad English. Understand please.

I’m developing some kind of TPS game, and working on the shot stuff(rifle).

What I want is if a actor got shot, I want to get where the bullet comes from( direction?), hit where?, and more more details. and then play some particles and sound.

But OnTakeAnyDamage delegate does not pass FDamageEvent but only FDamageType.

FDamageType is not including these detailed information.

Yeah. I know OnTakePointDamage delegates does include these information I want. But there is no delegate like OnTakeRadialDamage. Then where can I handle radial damage?
I know I can override ReceiveDamage() but, how can I override every single actor class in the world. It’s not efficient and bothering.

So, here is my question.

  1. Why OnTakeAnyDamage does not pass FDamageEVent as a parameter?
  2. Any alternative?

Thank you for read. :slight_smile: