Why on C:

Why does Epic launcher force ADK on to C drive even when the launcher is installed on G? anyone know how to not install ADK on C drive?

When you install it just make sure to select the correct drive, i did it that way i believe

I could select the drive for the epic launcher but I never got an option on where ADK installs. Spent most of the day backing up and and moving things from my bloated C drive to my G drive, 71 gigs wasn’t enough room for the update. Only to have ADK reinstall on C.

You must have done something wrong along the way, clicked passed options in a hurry maybe?

I have the launcher and dev kit on my secondary drive, which I pointed it to. Once you click install on something on the epic launcher it pops up with this for everything, i’d show ADK but it’s installed but it would be the same thing: