why not select object bake?

this feature is very usefull.

but ue4 not this feature.

when i bake the large scene… just adjust one object , or add one object…just one …

i wish bake select object…

I also wish it have this function …

It’s kind of complicated, since one object can have even a small effect on many objects and it won’t know what effect it will have without doing complex calculations.

may be just add direct light…or skylight …can be select bake?

Even if the affected objects were no updated it would be helpful.

YES, very helpful and very usefull… … maybe save your large time. …

I can see this being especially useful if you’re just doing iterative work to one asset and you don’t care about what the lighting for everything else in a scene looks like in comparison.

maybe outdoor project choose cryengine… no bake. :smiley:

Last time I used unity3 it have a function just to bake lightmap with selected objects is a awesome. but i not sure on unity 5…

The Unity baked lighting system is really poor, just saying

Already work, the baked time is different only rebuild the affect objetc.

i think a progressive-baking and updating mode is more welcome…

+1, lightmap baking for selected object would be more than awesome, especially if we’re dealing with 12-18 hours of rendering time. Even if the final result won’t be too accurate in terms of lighting information, it would be reeeeaaally helpful.

Just some random thoughts according to my experience:

  • Isn’t it possible to give a ‘calculation sphere’ around every object selected so that the samples for the lighting information are taken only from that sphere for baking lightmaps? (And its radius would be adjustable for quality. I hope this idea is not off the ground that much.)

  • Is it possible to make lightmaps’ brightness adjustable? This way the lighing information for each individually rendered lightmap would be tweakable in order to blend well with the scene. I know it might not sound too professional, but its helpful factor would be quite high :slight_smile:

especially if we’re dealing with 12-18 hours of rendering time ,yes… beacuse thie feature…can be save your time and your life :smiley:

may be Progressive like Autodesk Stingray…

I very like this… you can preview a lot wrong infomation in first time.

select object bake mode or progressive baking… i wish both all have :slight_smile: