why no sales?

Sorry for the awkwardness of the problem. I have been working as Creator for a long time. Although I have 30-110 product sales per month, I still haven’t made any sales during October(its 11/10/2020). I made new products. The price is always very affordable. I really trust the quality of my products. As long as I am allowed, I do it at suitable discounts. I ask you what could be the reason for this, Why suddenly all my sales stopped right from the beginning of the month? I need you to share with me what comes to your mind, it means either going on or leaving for me.

What’s your market page?

Here is my page, thank you

I’m not from Epic, so I can’t really comment about your turnover, but I can tell you that maybe having the Megascans stuff on the market is affecting your sales:

The Megascans materials are very high quality and free.

Thank you ClockworkOcean, but my problem is I already made lots of sales. For example, 95 sales in a month. Thankfully A few creators send me mail and I create some material for their projects. But This month there is no sales at all. Of course people may don’t need, that is really simple and acceptable. I am sure my products have no problem, I haven’t got any negative feedback, if so no matter why I always can refund and solve the problem immediately. I asked Epic guys, they said there is no problem with your products, everything is okay. But for me there is a problem,but I don’t know what is it.

Can U tell us how about your sales now?