Why no rating system for market place content?

I was just wondering shouldn’t there be any rating and reviews system for marketplace content so that one should get to see is that specific package worth his money or not!

Because we already vote for them before it hits the store…
But I guess eventually they may add that in when the time comes, why not.

The store is curated, so unlike the Unity marketplace, in theory everything should be of reasonable quality.

This. I had submitted something and was turned away for a list of reasons, I fixed/improved on the issues and then it was well received by EPIC. They make sure what they have is quality.

In the beginning of a platform, it’s good to control the quality. But eventually, I think Epic should open up the platform for submission by anyone. Users will vote and filter the content.

Terrible idea. Control should be imposed by Epic as it is now and then when that item gets into marketplace only then users should be able to vote on it. I don’t want to see hundreds upon hundreds of items of questionable quality.
Sorry but no. As it is now it’s fine but perhaps star scoring would be a good idea.

It would be nice to have a spot for reviews, feedback, and rating on each item on the marketplace. Especially when the marketplace is much larger and there are 10 different rock packages or 10 different grass packages, deciding on which one you want to buy from pictures alone will be a little difficult.

I also wouldn’t want to see it completely open. Don’t forget that it’s not possible for a user to review something until they’ve bought it and already been stung…

@smallB I completely agree.

A lot of ‘app stores’ and ‘content stores’ just have wayyy to much junk on them.