Why, no one help me?

Hi UnrealEngine team. I have no idea where i can post it, if it’s wrong forum selection then i realy sorry and please move it to right selection (no trash if it’s posible).

At first… i know my english is poor, i realy try to do it the best i can and support myself with googletranslate.

I have one huge problem about a month, and i wrote one topic here, and no one write back. I made topic about it on UnrealAnswerHub two times (1st threat stead on answer hub about 4 days with no answer, and 2nd threat is from monday on hub (i know when You enter it (i will link int here) there is "asked 16 hours ago" but, after i retag this question it’s reset, belive it’s from montag, or even sunday).

I have 2nd problem too, but threat about it, is on answerhub from yesterday so i think, it’s not so long, but i will post my link to it too.

And before i will link it. Wy no one help me? What i’m doing wrong, I tag it wrong? I making wrong tiles? Or is it because my poor language (can’t understud me)? :> I’m from Poland, i always had good grades on english lessons, and i’m now my english go down after school, i move to germany and i have to learn it, it’s 3 lanuages and i don’t like to speak a lot (i’m introvert) so its much for me. Ok… i don’t wont to write story of my life here, so there are the links to my threats on answer hub (so You can look, what i’m doing wrong (and mayby help me too)):

Can’t package project on Android AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=25 (Error_UnknownCookFailure) - UE4 AnswerHub (

Emisive color missing after baking (or package android) - UE4 AnswerHub (

The Forums and Answerhub are both 100% dead dude that’s all.
Devs deserted both platforms because Epic DGAF about either.

So you can’t expect help. Instead you need to be self-sufficient!
Or dump Unreal for another engine if you can find better support.

Are there Unreal user groups in Poland that you can try instead?

Honestly - I used to help loads of people here (On a different account), but the user experience has… let’s say degraded. Even to just click your link it opened another browser window, redirected to accounts.unrealengine, had me log in again and then it claimed it’s a new device and wants me to enter my verification code. this is ridiculous, I am posting this here without verification code.

Also compiling for Android is… Let’s say “a challenge”. Not impossible, but loads of caveats you can run into - if you’re not an android/linux guru it’s… difficult. I managed to solve many things - some are frustrating like for example plugins and the “64 vs 32 Bit binaries” thing - never understood the policy here. Other stuff is so android specific like the many versions of compilers, different flavors and manifests. Most packaging problems i managed to resolve by using EXACTLY the android stuff that came WITH the UE4 version (Yes there’s a special install package for android hidden in the UE4 folder). Some stuff like the emissive color - try another UE4 version, try dumbing down materials, check plugins, etc. And after all is said and done, some stuff is just different on mobile than on desktop.

Thank You for feedback guys. My confidence really needed that.

So Epic surrender in support beginner UnrealEngine devs, that’s disappointing.

UnrealEnterprise for Polish “Basic” gamedev forums my android packaging problem was to much - after three days od fight with it, we top surrender.

Did Your nick sugest me to pay this 1500$ to get personal support grom Epic? :wink:

MasterKyodai after i ended this game i have to cope with that challenge.

Guess what - now i also had to enter the 2 factor code here. Usually I use a German forum (German guy here) which helped a lot. Not many android experts there though. Another excellent platform to ask questions is reddit. No guarantee you get an answer, but most of the time people were very helpful there.

Believe me - if you can at least compile your game and then notice just one materials misbehaves - your problems are small compared to other people compiling for android.

Also such stuff is usually quite easy to debug when you are sitting in front of the source with an android device in your hand. Try a blank project, migrate your glowing material there - compile on android? Same problem? Material is maybe bugged. Make a new glowing material, as simple as possible, just plug something into emissive. Glowing on Android? Try a factor like your glow texture/color multiply by 20 before hooking into emissive of the material. Glows? try another UE4 version - does it glow there? Bug in the version you use. Wish I could be more helpful, but always different to debug something on just a few lines of description from far away.