Why no 2D sub forum

Hi epic people :slight_smile:

I wonder why there is no 2D sub forum ? This would help me find quickly 2D related resources instead of digging among all 3D subjects. It is possible to create a 2D sub forum ?

Thank you.

I would very much like to see this sub-forum, atm it seems like 2D in Unreal is a low-priority(almost completely non-priority) feature set, which really should be brought back to the for-front of the development process for Epic Games.
2D Games need love too ;(

good idea!!!

this exact subject came up a couple of weeks ago(see here), to be honest IMO anything related to 2D games fits into already existing sub-forums pretty well as it is.

Hey there! To echo smokey13 and NickD, nearly every concept that applies to 3D in UE can also apply to 2D since youโ€™re still working in 3D space. :slight_smile: