Why my udk won't build ligthing ?

It just want in laptop or other computers… any help? :confused:
can you guys ?

Is it a new install? Try to delete the UDKengine.ini ,recompile scripts and launch udk with admin rights.
Do you get a error message like “Static mesh has invalid lightmap coordinate index” ?

Also, check your log.I think that if you have a big scene and not enough ram,you will get a ‘‘OUT OF MEMORY’’ error and udk wont build the lightning if you don’t have enough ram for a complex scene.

Ok Thing i have 2 UDK installations, 1 for building the main game, Dirty build and another to package so i get the least HARD drive ssd memory used, I did click the lightmass exe on Win 32 folder , of the clean UDK to package, and it did work ! : D so I can build the lighting so far. No need to delete any ini or anything like that… but idk at what price hehe…

Basically saying, I could. :stuck_out_tongue: