Why my timeline continue moving my obj?

Hello, i have a chest opening timeline adding a relative rotation with timeline vector but when animation end the chet continue opening a little bit every second… WHY?

It is most likely because you are using a Delay node during Timeline update.

There is a much better, cleaner way to achieve what you need. Open the Timeline and add Events. Set the points at the time you want something else to happen and fire it from the new pin, like below:


What wrong?

Do it and work perfectly but continue to move after timeline finish… I can’t attach a video to show you i think

Show the updated blueprint, please - it usually clarifies a lot! Also, open the Timeline and ensure that the length (at the very top) is set to the same time as the very last key in the float track.

So if your float track starts at 0s and finishes at 3,5s, the entire length of the Timeline should be exactly 3,5s, too.

Looks good, could you show the inside of the Timeline, especially the length, as I mentioned above.

It all looks fine to me. So what is the current situation? The chest is opening, you fire 2 events. The Timeline finishes and the chest keeps opening further and further?

Every event have the timing of the sound i need

Above the second event you can see the relative rotation

Exactly… A little bit every second…

Put a Print node on Timeline Finish. How many times does it print? Also, where and how do you call ApriBaule event?

Haha, awesome! If this is working as intended now, please consider marking this issue as resolved.

One every 2 secs

Yep, u are a genius :smiley:
With “do once” i resolve it

Sure! Thank u so much

Show us the blueprint.

No problem at all. Glad you have it working. For future reference, try to avoid Delay node in Tick or anything that runs every frame. Other than that, well done!