Why my Sequenzer in (UE5 Preview) is grayed out? 5-0EA


Can someone tell me why I can’t open the sequenzer in UE5 Preview? It is just grayed out and I cant click on it.
Would be very nice if somebody can help me!


I agree it can be a little confusing. We’re looking to improve that in the future. For now, you just need to find the level sequence asset in the Content Browser that you want to edit and double click it.

Alternatively, if you have a level sequence actor in your level, you can open the Sequencer Editor by finding that level sequence actor in the Cinematics button in the main toolbar or clicking on the Open Level Sequence button in the Details Panel.

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here u cn add

You can add the actor with the place actors panel.
The button is however grayed out.


Having no camera being grayed out was fixed by relinking the camera and dragging the camera to the gray clip

I had the same problem: could not get the Sequencer to appear. adding a LevelSequence didnt work and I couldnt find it in the Content Browser only in the Details panel on the right. Adding a MasterSequence to my scene did the trick : the Sequencer sprung into view