Why my player pawn doesn't spawn?

Hello! I’m new in UE. I’m trying to create simple game that shown in this tutorial:

I followed step by step, but have a trouble - when I hit the play button, I get error:

The problem occurs at the indicated moment.

The problem is the chicken doesn’t spawn when I hit the play button. In the project settings I set BP_GameMode_CrossyRoad and BP_Chicken as default pawn class. But when I launch the game, I don’t see the chicken on the map or even in the world outliner. Where did I go wrong?

You have a variable, ChickenREF, you haven’t assigned it…

In which place I should assign in, which blueprint, in order to spawn it? :slight_smile:

I assigned it in BP_Main_Camera (which, as you could see, thrown an error).

Full error message:

Where the error actually is:

Perhaps I have to set chickenREF somewhere else?

If that second pic is from another BP, then yes, you need to assign it there, just like you did in the other BP… It’s simple, that’s what the error means, so that IS the problem :slight_smile:

Nope, that’s one blueprint - BP_Main_Camera. So, the problem is (I guess) that chicken doesn’t spawn, so BP_Main_Camera couldn’t find the reference to it. Generally, chicken have to spawn as game starts - but it didn’t.

Look. This is world outliner in **tutorial **BEFORE start:

World outliner in tutorial AFTER start:

And this is **my **world outliner BEFORE start:
And AFTER start:

No single chicken here :frowning:

But I set it as default pawn:

Did you also set the default pawn class in your game mode?.. ( naaaa, ignore that, it’s the same thing )… - thinking…

Is the player start in a good place? ( not touching anything etc ) - player start Z has to > -1000 also.

It seems it is in a good place

Disconnect the SetActorLocation you have on tick. Does that help?

Also, if you manually place this pawn in the world and set it to auto possess player 0, does it work?

Override spawnDefaultpawn in main gamemode. :cool: