Why my Paper2d sprite and blueprint based game not run after successful packaging.

I built a blueprint based game that uses Paper2d plugin for using sprites and tilesets. The game is simple - it contains start screen and one level. In editor (PIE) everything works perfectly. But when I make a package for Windows desktop the game does not run. After doubleclicking the executable nothing happens. I tried to run it from windows cmd hoping that it spits some clues helping with diagnose of the problem. But the output in console is empty too. Does anyone meet similar problem and can help with solving it? I attach output log of the packaging process.
build.log (123.9 KB)
I use Unreal Engine 5.1.0.

I solved the problem. I created new empty project in UE 5.1.0 and migrate all content from the previous project to the new one. And everything including packaged binaries works just fine. The previous project was created in UE 4.27 and automatically converted to UE 5.1.0 so something during the process messed up all around and was a source of problems.

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