Why my own build is sloow


I’v downloaded latest 4.8.x from github (did not applied ANY modifications to it), generated project files & compiled configuration ‘Development editor’ (x64)
Loaded my project and it’s sooo slow compared to 4.8.2 downloaded in binary form – anyone knows why ?
(the difference between game played in editor on medium settings between those two is 60fps - the binary, 17fps - the one compilled)
Note that the debugger is not attached in any case.

Any specific thing I need to change in the source distribution to be able math the speed to the binary one ?
(I’v leaved all the .ini files as they come from github, so nothing modified here either …)

My rig is: i7 + 16GB RAM + Nvidia 960, so this is not a weak machine after all.

(My original need is to modify sources as I need to acomplish some specific things that are not possible to acomplish from within modules/plugins (I need to add one more shading model to materials editor)).

Well I do have a weak machine, and my times are painfully slow and I’m only building my project files, not the engine source. I’m using an i5 @ 3.2 GHz with 8.00 GB RAM. But even still Visual Studio is really slow. . .

Myself, I’ve got no problem with source-compiled editor builds (4.8.1).

Can you fire up the profiler (Window->Developer Tools->Session Frontend->Profiler tab) in both versions and see what’s the difference? Please post your findings here, I’m curious to know.