Why my model twisted when import mocap FBX

I’m working on a test of demo, and find a error during the animation part.

Here it is:

I open an Axis Neuron mocap file and export it to FBX binary file.

I check the FBX file in Maya, looks good.


But if I check the FBX file in Blender, it looks like this, I don’t why.


So if I import the FBX file to UE4, apply on my model(rigged on Mixamo), it looks like this.


I don’t get it, I just export the mocap file with no editing in Axis Neuron, why the result is different in Maya and Blender?

And the error in UE4 means this FBX file really have some problems, so did I do something wrong?

Why my model twisted when import mocap FBX? Pls help, thx.

PS: already try animation retargeting to fix this, not work.