Why my Megascans 3D Assets looks like this?

Hello, I need help with this problem, I downloaded my Assets in “Nanaite” quality, I was expecting they will look better, but apparently is not working how I thought, I’m gonna post a picture to show how they look when I am using them.

Did you download them at low quality? Check the quality dropdown in Quixel first maybe. Looks like bad LOD selection otherwise.

I suppose it’s normal it looks this way at near distance. Also Valley of the ancient assets looks same way.

I’ve noticed that many times, when importing a mesh, it gets set to ‘minimum LOD’ to a positive integer; so that out of the box it’s limiting the display to a reduced LOD.

Double check the mesh in the static mesh editor that the minimum LOD is 0.

Hi, the minimum LOD is 0, I notice when I’m seeing the mesh from a large distance it looks nice, this problem appear when I’m near.

Don’t know if this is a “problem” or it is “wanted”.

Is a problem.

I’ve experienced the same issue on some assets. There was a specific case I can remember where I was downloading sunflowers and they looked awful, like you wouldn’t even use it on a N64 it was that bad. I tried may LOD related things, couldn’t ever get it to work. It’s a hit or miss.

With Megascans you sometimes have to go into the static mesh and set the type of asset it is. (i.e. small prop, large environment, etc)
This will set up the LOD changes accordingly.

He still ought to be able to go into the static-mesh editor and manually pick LOD0 to see if it shows up that way at all.

Brainwave, when you import large textures, they can sometimes have the LOD sampling set to a lower texture? EG, it’s only sampling a 2k mip vs the 8k.

Double-click your textures in the content explorer and check if they are forced to sample from a lower mip/res. Forget the setting but it’s noted in the metadata on the top right, and I think it’s a dropbox near the top of the editable settings.

Look, number of Mips: 14.

LOD bias was the setting but yours is at 0…

no idea mate. check wireframe view far vs up close, maybe it’s a mesh thing, or if it’s a streaming issue, can you try making the texture a SVT (right-click on it)?

Otherwise, I’m out of ideas…

Could be a minmap problem or texture streaming error. Try turning off texture streaming to see if this is the root of the problem…