Why my integer is bugging out

So i have been trying all day to figure this one out any, help will be greatly appreciated.

What is “bugging out” when testing?
I see you are adding 1 to a Score variable stored on the floor tile BP, are you getting the value of the player’s score from somewhere else in your event graph? Otherwise during the cast you pictured, get the variable from the player and add 1 to it, then set it to that value.

No i have set score to a default of 0, and im just adding 1 on Event Overlapped with a collision box, the reason for casting is to get be able to get the Score widget variable then setting the scoretext which is binded to a Text component on the Widget, sorry im very new to Unreal Engine and game development overall.

Ill try what i think you recommended me to do ^ ^.

okay i did what i think you said i moved the Score variable over to the Platform character Bp and then adjusted the code and now it is working however now it is adding 2 each time? Is this because I am using a on overlap event?

Increments of 2???
originally it would only ever stay at 2 then Cap itself there.

Okay sorry for many posts but i just divided my integer by 2 before i display it this method I have done feels so sloppy so i would appreciate a more polished way if you do not mind^ ^.

It might be doubling up when you overlap, try throwing a Do Once for the contents of the overlap event?

Tried it doesn’t update the score at all, well at least i got it working.