Why my enemy dies in 1 hit?

I made a enemy that needs to be die at 5 hits but he dies in only one hit why is that happening? here is the blueprint for damage on enemyai and here is the projectile blueprint. There are 5 images first 3 are for enemy ai and last 2 are proctile . here is the tutorial which i made from watching BP Twin Stick Shooter: Damaging the Enemy | 11 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

here is the last picture of projectile blueprint

All blueprints aren’t shown but as I see you are calling Affect health and doing destroy component, you shouldn’t do that:

  1. Delete destroy component node,
    2)Go to affect health function, do your affect health thing, then add a branch:
    if health>0 → Do nothing,
    else if health<=0 → Destroy component

you can see all these blueprint images if you click on below the tag on my post. and i didnt get how to do this “if health>0 → Do nothing,
else if health<=0 → Destroy component”

In the 4th picture (https://answers.unrealengine.com/storage/attachments/65242-projectile%20ue4%20cr1.png) You have written the Function IDamageable wrong, maybe that is the problem?


Following the steps shown in the video you’ve provided, I see some major differences between your blueprint and what is shown in the video. Can you explain if you’re trying to make any alterations to the original blueprint shown in the tutorial?