Why my character wont walk between these walls?

So, i was trying to make an up view game. When i deleted the starter content walls from that basic map and replaced them with other ones, my character wont walk between them. It kept going backwards. I need help please!![alt text][1]
Thank You!

Check if there is a blocking volume. Also it needs a “nav mesh bounds volume” if it’s a up-down click to move game. If there is not a nav mesh bounds volume your character won’t move there. You can add a nav mesh bounds volume from the left bar(Modes)->Volumes->Nav mesh bounds volume

So, i did what u said: adding a nav mesh bounds volume and then i pressed that “Build” button. After that i deleted the rest of the starter content walls and did the same thing again. Now i can click to move only on these meshes.

i did what u said again. Now wherever i click the character moves just to the yellow point that i drew.

Press P to display nav meshes

You’ll need to see something like this (green plane is the space where your character can move)

The navmesh volume generates navmeshes only inside the volume, so you have to not only place the volume, you need to expand it also.
Just increase the size of the navmesh volumes (yellow box in screenshot) with the “brush settings” so that it touches the floor and covers the area where your character needs to walk, then build the paths in the build menu.

well, he should do that, just add multiple nav mesh volumes and cover with them all the areas that you want the character to move within. Also the nav meshes must overlap or be connected with a proxy so that character moves between the navmeshes.

Nice and short explanation of navmeshes:

Can’t see anything wrong here, he should be able to move between those two walls now

can you upload the not working example, will look into it

yeah but unreal is making fun of me

So, i copied the map i did and placed it in a new project where i deleted just the cubes. i minimized the map so it would fit in that starter content map. now it works to move. It seems to allow me moving only in that starter map.
Any idea how to make it work if i delete the starter map?