Why my character is standing on an actor with collision set to ignore each other?

I made a grid and that grid isn’t supposed to interact with my character at all, but my character is standing on the grid actor.

My character collision is the default one “pawn”, I create a new object type for my grid, that object type ignores the pawn, and the pawn ignores the Grid object type too, but even so my character is standing on the grid, with a function to disable/enable the grid collision we can see that the character is switchting between the grid and the floor. What can it be?

Adtional info:

 My grid is made off individual tiles called HexTile.
 The grid do not have any collision component.
 Each HexTile has a collision so it can interact with the cursor.
 That only occurs when the HexTile collision response to trace "Visibility" is set to "Block", otherwise they don't collide but I can't call mouse events in the HexTile.

Captura de Tela (955)


Hmmm, very interesting behavior. Have you debugged with Collision Analyzer?

No, not familiarized with it, but I’ll search and try. Thank you.

Hope it will help. By the way, at the start if the collision on the grid enabled your character collides with grid or not?
As I understood you don’t want collision with pawn at all. As a workaround try using SetCollisionResponsToChannel instead.

The game starts with the collision enabled, and the pawn standing on it.

Hi! Have you been able to solve the problem?

No, I tried to create new collision types and ended up with the dame results. I was losing too much time trying to fix it so I just move on.