Why my bot is not working?

I made an enemy bot to patrol between 2 target points, but when the player is around he should stop patrolling and start chasing you. The problem is it isn’t working, my bot don’t even move and I don’t know why.

note: - I have the nav volume.

  • this blueprint is in the enemy character
  • this sphere is the detection area.
  • I didn’t use the behavior tree to program. ( look at the pictures)

Sure I need it? Because I don’t have the behavior tree and it is just a simple task.

Did you make sure that your bot is possessed by the AI controller?

Hang on, I have a project somewhere where I did exactly the same thing without a Behavior Tree but there was a trick to doing it let me double-check what I did.

So I looked at my code and all I did was spawn the actor manually in Blueprint (Using Spawn actor) ; Then I “Set” it into a variable and used that variable for an aiMoveTo - Hope this helps!

Do you have a print screen of that? I would like to see.

I’m using a blackboard key for my destination, but yes, you would set the destination to the location of one of your nodes. When I was using node-based AI, I would fetch the location of one of the nodes in the array and feed it into the destination of AI Move To. I still believe, though, that you need an AI controller to possess the AI Character.