Why my actors collision boxes move forward??!?

Hi!! Sorry if this is a noob question but I can’t solve this problem. I got these actors that randomly spawn on the level when begin to play and others that I put in place from the beginning. The problem is that despite its box collision is located in a determined distance when I play the game the character crashes into them like they are moved forward.

I’m attaching two pictures. In one, you can see the collision box working as a goal at the end of the level but the character stops before the supposed line distance. On the other picture you can check the “temporary” solution of moving the collision box to match the exact point with the actor to activate correctly.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you for your time and patience!

Is it possible that the relative location of the collision on your pawn is not where you want it?

Is that just a box collision component or is that the imported collision with the mesh? If it’s a box collision, you are most likely making a mistake in your blueprints, but I won’t be able to help without seeing. If it’s imported with the mesh, then the next question is: are you importing these meshes to scale or do you have to scale everything in the level? An object’s imported collisions can skew pretty hard when scaling the object past a certain point. I have models in my scene that were made to scale, but team lead asked they be scaled way over their intended size (about 25x). It became impossible for the player to get near this object without removing collisions and building something else to block the player.

Thanks for the answer Skim Milk! Well, I think that it probably would be the reason, but I did not modify it at any moment so…

Thanks for your time answering! Mmm mesh with collision like in the pictures

Well, after some testing. Here you have a video with the unsolved problem. Maybe it gives you some clues. You can check how the player crashes with the actor (in this case a toilet) before it touches it. It does not matter if the actor is spawned or not. Sometimes the player crashes correctly, with the correct distance, but other times, like in the video does not.

The thing is that, as you can see in the video, in the first the cookies (coins) are collected correct and in the second no. Some of them disappear before the rest, even they are farther than the character.

Thank you again for your help!

Go through all your colliders and tick off “hidden in game”. I’m having a similar issue with overlapping events in my own game where overlaps don’t happen as expected until I un-possess the player with hotkey alt-S in the editor. Don’t have a fix yet. For now, just showing the hidden components will inform you if those collisions are indeed moved forward.

Wow, clever idea! I’m trying right now and give you feedback. Thanks for your help!!

Ok, so everything is in its place. Or at least UE4 shows it that way. The strange thing is that sometimes when I start playing it, collision boxes from actors are perfectly fine and the player can dodge it as it should do, but other times the player crashes a big distance before the actor and its collision box. Does it appear to be a random bug then? It does not make any sense… I do not have more clues to investigate…

I will keep looking for it…