Why might I need to keep calling Set View Target with Blend?

I am finding after I spawn ThirdPlayerCharacter that I control via an AIController (if it matters) that I do not automatically get a viewport added; I have to manually possess to get any kind of viewport; and it choses a camera in the middle of 0,0,0;

So far I found a fix, but the fix is confusing. I seem to need to place an Event Tick based Set View Target with Blend in order to keep the viewport assigned to the character as it moves around. Placing that same command in Event BeginPlay works until the next time I use a MoveTo.

If I do not add the Set View Target with Blend command at all, I never get a follow viewport camera.

Mystified and wondering if any thoughts on why this might be happening – any ideas what I need to verify?

i think that s because of the AI posses. as it s an AI character the engine don t care of possessing the cam.
what you can do is create a pawn class with just a camera, attach it at runtime on your AI’s camera and posses it, with that you should nt need to update on event tick

Can you confirm this is what you meant for me to try as a solution?