Why listening one input action from two and more different actor blueprints isn't allowing?

I have one input action “Jump” and i can listen it only in one BP at same time. If i add event for this action in others BP, worked only someone. “Enable inputs” is set in all BPs.

Hey Acrossfy,

Each Action should only be accessed from a single Blueprint in most cases. If you need multiple events to fire when the Jump button is pressed, you should be able to do it all from the same Blueprint. Is there a specific instance you’re running into that requires the same Action input be accessed from separate Blueprints?


Ben Halliday

I found solution of my problem. For each action event node in each BP the “Consume Input” param must be disabled.

Hi Ben, thank for your comment. I need to listen one action in many BP to change states of these blueprints. I know about GameStates, but in my case i don’t need to use it.

When one BP actor realy do some action by event, other BP (for controling logic) save info about that. It’s just a simple example of what I need.

Check out my answer below, i found solution.