Why level load times in 4.22 are A LOT longer?

Hi! I’ve noticed a major increase of level load time in my project. I reproduced this problem in a new project:

  1. Create a blank project in 4.20/4.21 and in 4.22
  2. Place ~5000 identical static meshes (basic cube will do) each with unique location.
  3. Test level load times (see output log).

In my case these times were as follows:
LogFileHelpers: Loading map ‘420LoadingTest’ took 0.665
LogFileHelpers: Loading map ‘421LoadingTest’ took 0.387
LogFileHelpers: Loading map ‘422LoadingTest’ took 11.347

It seems load times in 4.22 are dramatically longer, in above example it is ~x20 slower.
I’ve double and triple checked it on three computers with different specs. Is there any reason for such behavior?
Are there any workaround?

I believe it could be related:

There is something wrong with some “garbage collecting” right after level loading. Yet I don’t have a solution for this…