Why Landscape Paint Tool looks so low-resolution and pixelated?


I’m writing here again since I need help: today after a long time spent with Unity, I decided to download and take a look at Unreal Engine. So, I imported some assets that I made in Blender (all fine), I created a landscape and I started to paint it… but:

I was wondering why I could not paint with a higher precision. I mean, I want to paint a path into a wood, how am I supposed to do so if the paint tool is not precise enough? I also tried to paint a circle:

How can I get rid of this problem? In Unity rising the terrain resolution worked fine, there is a similar setting in UE4 too?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!

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Hi there,

I have the same problem. Did you find any solution to this?

Thank you!

I just started having this issue on 4.16 and it worked perfectly on 4.14. I know the reason, but not how to fix it. My 127x127 landscape on 4.14 made my landscape like 4k resolution while on 4.16 the same 127x127 landscape had a resolution of like 255x255. So however you raise the resolution of the terrain is how you fix this issue, if anyone knows, please post how.

Same problem here… can’t find any solutions…

So, since no one found the solution yet, I’ll explain how I did it, which is I think the way to go:

    Create a new landscape (once you created it you won't be able to increase or decrease it's resolution I think, or at least I didn't find a way to do so.

    In the Manage tab you can see several settings, the ones we're interested in are the Scale, Section Size and Number of components.

    If you increase the Section Size or the Number of components and then you reduce the Scale, you will end up with a higher definition terrain, that can be sculpted and textured properly.

I don't know if this is the proper way to do this, anyway there is no documentation on this anywhere. Hope this can help someone.

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in material click on blend layer node , then in detail change blend type for all layer to alpha blend