Why it's not possible to Create Custom Event from BP function?


I am tried to create custom event from some function, but it’s not possible now. Why?

It’s possible to create custom event, for example, in GameInstance,

… but it’s not possible to create it from some function of my GameInstance.

How to create custom event in functions?

Thank you.

This falls under the “latent node” trap. Although Custom Events are not latent. Well, not when first executed, their actually logic may have latent nodes, but anyway, I am going around in circles here.

  • The main reason you cannot have custom events, is because you cannot call that custom event from inside that function, because that function is supposed to only be executed once called upon. Custom events can be called on multiple times, and that would not be possible inside a function (which would need to be called on at least once in teh first place) You would have to use Custom Events outside that function (inside the Event Graph).
  • Also Custom Events rely pretty much on Event Graph, so they go hand in hand.
  • CustomEventDocs

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