Why it crashed`?

When i enter my game it loads to a certain point and crashes how do i fix that, i played it 4 days ago and it was all fine, now i cannot enter it and cannot play it.

How i can Post all the data of my Saved/Logs Folder here?

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In my folder logs are maybe 15 Datas, which one u need?

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The latest (more recent).

Try clicking the gear beside the launch button and press verify, I had the same problem and it worked after I did that.


<<< out of the Crashreport
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How much RAM do you have on your PC?

I verify, than starts something to scan, but the same problem after this.

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Crashdatae 21:47 today

At last a other crash appeared. It says the Fortnite Win64 Shipping.exe cant read.

i Reinstall this game at the moment, after this i send u a Screenshot of this.

Can’t read what?

Looks like a corrupted installation to me. You get Access Violation on memory.

New installation worked, now all is fine

You can use PasteBin to share the crash logfile (.log). Usually the last part, immediately before the crash, is the most relevant one, but it could be useful to see it all.

I recently been having the same issue. I have an i7 7700k 16 gigs of ram and an EVGA 1080 FTW gpu. I should not be having these problems at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. I just deleted every folder that has to do with EPIC and Fortnite and do a clean install. This is quite frustrating as I’m trying to grind on the game with the purchased battle pass.