Why isn't this transform math relative?

Trying to add to the location vector of an HISM to place another one relative to it. I don’t know the location before-hand; just that if it got to this step there is room in this specific spot. Unfortunately if the parent is rotated(which it almost always will) the math will not workout and puts the child in walls.

The math should workout though. I have the relative location then math what I need, yet it will only work when the parent is rotated in specific ways; showing me it isn’t relative… Why?

It should work but won’t.

Any help appreciated.

I think everything is in world space, except for your vector adjustment, which is relative?

Hmm no matter which way I try it doesn’t seem to work. Trying normal place instance or using the world space for get instance transform.

I seem to recall that there’s a bug with placing instances and rotation. I ended up placing them, and then fixing the rotation with UpdateInstanceTransform.

You never know…

Maaaaaan that seems to be my biggest issue using hisms these days, bug after bug after bug, thanks will look into it more.